There Is No One by Lisa Lennon

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"Gosh, after nearly 40 years of chatting about

non-duality my heart dances as I say…

‘I love this book…

In fact I love it very much!’


I love it’s natural, naked earthiness… that

sings this unborn song of non-duality,

‘there-is-no-two there-is-no-one!’

It sings, my goodness does it sing,

In untamed wildness

In methodological anarchy

In formless words!

Nothing to measure here,

Nothing to grasp here,

Nothing to hold onto here!

Read, and have fun, as silence roars!"


Paul Morgan-Somers

Nothing Happening by Lisa Lennon

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What a joy, what a labor of love it has been, collaborating with Lisa on her second book, ‘Nothing Happening’. Not only does Lisa speak and point in a most straightforward and uncompromising way, I have seen first-hand, working side by side, that in daily living, she lives it, she lives this message!


 In her first book, ‘There Is No One’,  Lisa shares from the heart the most poetic, nearly koan ‘esk words one can read.  The sweet side of the non-dual sword.  Here, in this text, the writing reveals the most deadly side of non duality, which is the side that leaves nothing left but 'Nothing Happening', which is Everything. This book, I feel, is intelligence itself, life revealing life to life.

Julie Rumbarger

Amazon Reviews

"I wish more nonduality writers could create their work like this. Simple, non-referential.
The writing arises only from the author, and in her unique way. There's no referring to higher authorities or scriptures, or gurus.
There's nothing second-hand here, nothing pre-prepared, only what's arising now.
This book is a gem."​

By David Trindle

"Read book straight away simple clear message."  

By Amazon Customer

"Simply and beautiful book about no - thing!"

By Amazon Customer

"This book is a radiant expression of non duality...Brutal yet sublime...I felt the soundless rhythm of 'emptiness dancing' on every page. I have read many books on this subject but I love this one! The rawness and vitality of the prose is, I sense, a reflection of the writer's authentic, non dual 'perspective' (so to speak!) Irrefutably, "There is no one" there...Yet there are flashes of warmth, groundedness, even sensuality, throughout which hint at 'a full life being lived anyway.' The author is clearly the antithesis of the lofty, spiritual 'guru.' And I admire her all the more for that. This is a profound and radical book. Essential reading for seekers, non seekers, and anyone who resonates with this amazing, glorious message."

By Kate

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I have just read the first 25 pages and all that comes out of this, is wow! There was grumpiness when the book arrived because thought it was small for the price but boy! the reading started and then the sudden realisation that it was a non-duality dynamite in this hands. Left something singing and full of joy and excited but for no one, exciting.....amazing. This is it and all there is. This is the book of life!"

By Gracious

"Lisa's book is simple and straightforward leaving me nowhere, indeed, I am not needed anyway!"

By Angelica O'Hara