Please note that during this lockdown I am giving private sessions at reduced rate for those who are struggling.


Private sessions are an opportunity to go deeper into the message. It can become clear that this one we call the seeker or me is merely an illusory appearance that lives in it's own apparent reality. There is no answer for the me as it can never attain freedom for itself,  (a part cannot know the whole). What is pointed out, is that the freedom being looked for is already here, appearing as everything.


Lisa offers private one to one sessions at 50 euros for one hour or 25 euros for half hour sessions via Skype. I am also now offering 20 to 30 minute audio calls via discord for a donation of 10 Euros (minimum.)

Payments need to be received in advance.

You can also sign up for a reduced monthly one to one on Patreon which also gives you access to the Sunday Youtube Live meetings.

Pink Sea

"A live Skype session with Lisa Lennon is very clarifying & comes in highly recommended. She is incredibly accurate, sweet, funny & catches the self out of it’s stories like a chameleon catching flies. While speaking with her, it seems the seeker is like some kind of clever packman popping up in the field eating & feeding it’s ‘self' & it’s illusion of control. By mirroring back the emptiness and nothingness of your true nature she’ll point home ( & knocks out packman). To put it short. She’s awesome & she’ll blow your mind !" by R.

Loved our meeting in Skype Lisa ! Highly recommend having an actual one on one with this wonderful being ! by J.

Important notice
If you are struggling with thoughts of self harm or suicide, please go to your GP or visit A&E. You can also call the Samaritans on 116 123 in the UK. If you are experiencing mental health problems, please consider accessing appropriate professional help through your GP or privately.
Any expectation that what I talk about will help with such issues is misplaced.