Spiritual Me

The spiritual me is sometimes the most insidious appearance in the seeker. It judges appearances as being a measure of freedom. It judges the behaviour of others as being either spiritual or common. What non duality points to is an equaliser of all appearances either seemingly course or refined.

This, what is, is the great equaliser!

A monk sat in perfect meditation is in essence no different from someone in the betting shop, smoking fags and having a beer.

All appearances are it. What is looked for is totally bypassed by looking for something specific. It is non dual, so how can anything be greater or lesser, or indeed closer to freedom. It is all freedom appearing as whatever it is appearing as.

There is no one who can be enlightened as there is no one. The monk or master is no more free than the person in the betting shop. This is the freedom. The freedom from all those concepts and judgments.

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