What is being sort for, is covered over by the very seeking itself. This seeking calls itself me, it is by its very nature deluded by its own delusion. You can say it is delusion itself. It misses life, it misses the natural reality by merely looking for it.

The seeking energy is a perpetual loop, a loop that creates the illusion of time and space. It has sealed itself into its apparent prison by it's very nature, it is a catch 22 situation. The human with it's natural functions of, for example, awareness, discernment, intellect; has mistaken itself to be an actual separate entity that operates singularly and has the power to effect change or even freedom for itself. This misidentification has created a false apparent life called "me and my life".

Naturally, the separate identity feels out of control, it never finds rest or completion. This false sense of identity which has no power to control what it believes to be its environment or world, then strives to find ways to make "its" life better. Therefore it worries, makes stories and develops complex beliefs, concepts and ideas in an attempt to feel like it is moving towards the answer, towards its fulfilment.

There is a sense in the human that something is not quite right, something has gone wrong, something is missing. Simultaneously there is also a registering that there is something beyond itself that is complete or perfect and it needs to find it, it needs to find its way back to this place of peace. Ironically, unbeknown to it, what it seeks is simply (including itself) what is.

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