What a joke!

So!... the seeker is seeking what not, in order to know what is so it can no longer have to seek. Do you see the irony in this. It is such a clever mechanism. It is the greatest trickster. It will even trick itself into trying to understand what is being said here, jeez is there no end to this pernicious illusion! That is all it is, an illusion, the illusory "me" wrapped up in it's own self perpetuating bubble. Sounds like a downer doesn't it. Yet it is not that me illusion that finally has the penny dropping. The penny just drops and there is the possibility that the illusion of self drops with it. There is also the possibility that this me malware will also get stronger and even go to the extent that it feels like it knows something. Oh my god, it really is a bugger. It's gossamer walls are strongly guarded by it's convincing stories that "I" am real. It seems impenetrable, but like all illusions it has no actual solid ground on which it is based, no solid foundation. Seen from outside the illusion, it is nothing and it is life appearing as an illusion. It really is a wonder.

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