Inspired to write this after speaking to dear friend. I paraphrase here..she was told that what she was doing is not non duality and has no meaning.

OK so....

All there is, is what is, none of it has more meaning than anything else. This is completeness, one appearance, a singularity, a big pile of energy appearing as different forms. How can one thing have more or less meaning over something else?

Subjectively you can say it does and this of course is a personnel story. In reality, and this is what the sense of separation can never get, it is ONE! One aliveness!

The sense of self cannot do anything but separate out appearances and put them into categories as right and wrong, yes and no, meaningful and meaningless.

It can never recognise the wonder and glory of this magnificent aliveness and it never will, no one ever will, it is just magnificent for no one.

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