The Illusory Path of Happiness

Where is it, this happiness?

So you’re going along and you search for this happiness. Have you noticed it is always in form, this apparent happiness is imagined always as thought form. Even if it is this so called thing called ‘nothing’ or ‘the death of me’, these are forms. Or you go to a retreat where happiness or completion will hopefully be found. You get there…and nothing has moved. It is still just what is.

You always find yourself just here, still appearing as a me! Nothing changed. Just the appearances are different, a different room, landscape or set of circumstances. The ‘me’ never gets anywhere. It is still a part of the appearance of this life. That is indeed all it is, an appearance, it’s a part of the scenery of life. How frustrating.

Unbeknown to ‘me’ it is a miracle. It is a miracle that there is anything at all. Unbeknown to ‘me’, there is no permanent state called happiness. It is an state that comes and goes. All states of the human change. No different than other species. All non human animals through the day, have different states; hunger, annoyance, joy, neutrality etc. In those states there is an underlying sense of peace. This is because they are part of the whole; empty, full, complete and without exception unable to be any other way but what it is.

This is the peace that passes all understanding. This peace is not personnel, it is beyond personnel experience and no one has ever been able to describe it. It is the ever present appearance of life in free fall.

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