Decisions Decisions...

'Me' never made any decisions, ever!

It frets and worries thinking there is some kind of security in making a decision, the right decision of course. There is no security. What is spoken of here is the end of security, the end of anyone who could be secure.

Me looks for security in things. It looks for security in non duality. It thinks that making the right decision will lead to something safe.

No! Nothing is secure for 'me', it is insecurity itself. It lives in a sense of insecurity, hence it's constant seeking for surety. It thinks that the end of itself will be the end of insecurity. No, it's the end of everything that had a life that could make decisions and become safe.

Decisions just seem to happen. 'Me' worries that if I don't decide on a particular thing it won't work out for me. Then the moment comes and the apparent choosing just happens, no one does it. There is no choice. It's all illusory and a fantasy of freewill, for me.

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