Excuses Excuses

Saying you have no sense of self is not an excuse for bad behaviour, I mean who would say that to start with. Saying things like, "well I have no self so therefore there is nothing i can do about my behaviour", is just another me story. Of course behaviour can be changed. If some one said to me , Lisa you're out of order, I would certainly look at it and if I agree I would change it and endeavour not to continue. Non duality is not about the human doing what it likes and using non duality as a rather sad excuse.

The human is adaptable, it's one of its strengths. There is no 'me' doing that. Its the animal called the human doing it. It's not the me that decides on the behaviour to start with, it's the human. The me just apparently sits in there and weaves its complex story about itself and comes up with all kinds of excuses for the behaviour of the human.

The me comes up with stories about about no me, again, another story. It has no effect whatsoever. Behaviour can just seemingly be changed. This excuse is just non dual nonsense, otherwise known as 'nondualism'. Yet, it is also life appearing as that.

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