The Beauty of Life

Life, what is, is so astounding. How could it ever have been missed. This is the amazing thing when seeking for it stops happening. Suddenly life shows itself to have always been here appearing as everything. It is also clear that the seeking was also the life appearing. Only when that apparent reality of being separate leaves, is that revealed.

The wonder is suddenly revealed. In every sense life appears as being a miracle, astonishing and utterly ungraspable. It is total free fall, nothing touchable is left, only what is appearing is happening, for no one and for no reason. What a wonder! When looking for this wonder what is missed is the miracle of the wall, the body, the plants, the things, all here, being everything and nothing all at once. All that happens in and to the human is also the miracle. It becomes just as alive as the wall and flowers. It becomes just a part of the whole, a free flow without purpose and meaning. What a freedom.

Life appears as separation looking for itself. In this sense it's seems like a cosmic joke and it is. A wonderful joke! The beauty of this is beyond description. All else is conceptual and even this is the untouchable wonder.

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