Non Duality can sometime come across as quite dry and heady. I do love this aspect as well as the juicy wonder of this message. This I think it is because the illusion needs to be exposed and undermined. I love the logic of it, the simplicity, the razor sharp knife that strips away the fantasy of there being someone who loves in time and space.

Also in this life, this appearance is bloody miracle. It appears as all the earth, the pain, murderers and life givers. It blasts into life as one majestic whole. It swoons into life as boredom and trying to get free, as flowers and animals and plastic.

It is a symphony. Do you not hear its music? If you do, its life hearing its own music.

The music of life, killing everything, giving everything. Give it what name you want, it makes no difference as it's giving itself names through thought and voice. It is itself without separation and self.

It is a river without source or sea giving the illusion that it had a beginning and is going to a sea, its final destination. It laughs at its own joke as it continues as an ever present big bang exploding into stars, space and mes. It revels its pain and its glory. What a wonderful creation without a creator.

A deathless realm in notime dancing to its own music.

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