Nondual Nondualism

Non duality is nothing to speak of. Its an empty word in this endeavouring to explain this emptiness. It's kinda pointless but just is and at the same time it's an expression of the wonder.

Then you get nondualism.

Here's a scenario.

You're talking to someone about something ordinary, lets say for an example;

A: "Hi how are you."

B: "oh my dog is ill and I feel sad."

A: "But there is no one to feel sad, it's just what's happening."

B: (sighs and rolls eyes).

A: "What are you up to?"

B: "Oh I've been thinking of starting dance lessons."

A: "Well if it happens it will be just what's happening."

B: (Tries to think of a way to end the phone call).

What is spoken of here is unknown. To correct people in normal conversation comes from a place of knowing and wanting them to know you know.

Sure correction like this happens in talks because questions about this are asked and a response arises addressing the question. It is within the context.

No one will ever know this aliveness, there is no one. This kind of talk which corrects everything is just plain dull. There is no need to prove that the person is free of the person. No one is free of the person. The person never gets there. When there is just what is, there is simply a flow in the ordinary life, just plain ordinary, spontaneous and alive. There is no impulse to prove anything because there is no longer anyone to prove it to.

(speaking here from experience and with a wry smile)

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