The Seeker

What is the seeker?

The seeker appears as an energetic sense that gives itself the name, me or I. It's sole function is looking for something that isn't. This is how it runs, it can only do that one thing. When it thinks it's found something it never lasts and off it goes again on its perpetual quest.

It's a feeling of being lost, kicked out of the garden, abandoned. It is not who you are! It's an energetic belief that I am separate. It's an illusion. This is not helpful to the seeker is it.

Nothing can help that sense of separation as a practice or a teaching but what happens when this message is heard is beyond that appearance. This is why we listen to this message, this message of freedom. It is singing of home, that which is being looked for.

There is a sense of a big YES that is beyond the seeker. Overlaid on that, is the seeker, that looks for what that YES means. It looks for what it can get for itself, it looks for home, never being able to see that 'what is,' is home.

The seeking appearance lives in the promise of what is not. Have you noticed that?

Even when I say, all that is, is sitting in a room on a chair, this appearance looks for that, even though it is obvious that all there is, is sitting on a chair. It needs to know this, it needs to know something that isn't here. It truly believes that there is something else. You could say it has a one tracked mind.

Yet here we are, reading this, somehow recognising that what is being said, is right. This, the reading, the sitting, the computer is home. There is nowhere else to go, this is the love that is being looked for. All embracing, everything and nothing.

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