Consciousness is a presumption. Where is this illusive thing?

Is feeling like you look out of your eyes direct proof that there is consciousness?

To me consciousness and awareness is the same thing in the non duality space.

The illusion is, is that there is a sense of separation that feels like it looking out of the eyes and gives itself the title 'me'. This is a total misunderstanding of that appearance. It is a mistaken identity that has seemed to take on a life of its own.

But is it consciousness? What even is consciousness, that is the question. The sense of self truly lives in the dream of consciousness. This is because it is itself appearing as the illusion of consciousness. It can never know what it is not to be there. It will always be chasing this mystery thinking it will know what it is, or in other words, it will be conscious of it.

The illusion of consciousness is the invisible door that imprisons the dream of separation.

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