The Red Sea

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and we were discussing how is it that I can just respond so simply and easily.

I responded to him with an analogy:

What is, this, is so obvious here, so lets start with that.

Imagine all there is, is red (assuming in this analogy all people see the same red).

So in this analogy all the questions asked are about colour.

For example:

Q- So this red, is it with a bit of blue and I need to see that blue, how do I do that?

A- You are trying to look for blue, there is no blue, there is only red.

Q- Does it have different shades of red?

A- No, there is only red, there are not different types of red, only red.

Q- Why can't I see this see?

A- Looking for it is happening so there is an appearance of looking for red when there is only red. No need to look for it, as all there is, is red.

When this is seen, it is that simple. The seeker over complicates everything. It looks for what is not there. The simplicity and obviousness is astounding. Let me know when all there is red and we can laugh about it.

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