Right Words

There are no right words for this life, this everything and nothing.

I see wonderful and amusing non duality arguments and discussion on social media like facebook. There can seem as if there are right words and language.

No words can describe this.

What about these words. This can be achingly beautiful, a bone crushing wonder and bemusement. Death and life, all at once, all swirling twirling nothing, streaming in

no-time. A cacophony of nothing zapping out of nothing, stunning the body into a total obliterated wonder. Fucking hell, it's so bloody stunning. Stunning in it's unending everything and nothing.

Non duality words can be so turgid. Flat and heady. And yet they are this stunning fucking wonderful aliveness. Jesus wept! I weep, with the wonder of nothing.

The symphony of life sings its song, dances it dance. The lover embracing, embracing nothing, just embracing. Making love, big banging, dying and being and dying.

Typing is happening, weeping is happening, crashing into life, being and dying, being and dying.

None of the above words are the right words. Thank god!

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