Negation is a common practice for the seeker. It is subtle and is often not detected as a practice but as a knowledge which is touted as anti-knowledge, which still arises from the intellect.

It is a tricky one negation, as the seeker gets fooled by it's seeming completeness. "There is nothing to get", can be understood as a concept and felt as an apparent truth.

Negation can lead to a sense of 'emptied-ness' and thus interpreted as freedom. There is a quality of space in it which feels like a goal that has been reached. In as much as this spaciousness feels good, more often than not it is interrupted by an aggravation in one form or another. Thus the spaciousness is lost and it is felt that one lost something that they never actually had in the first place.

In the end this whole drama can bottom out. It dissolves into the nothing from whence it came. Nothing is left, this is the ultimate negation, no words can be said about it and it can't be pinned down. It can't be then negated or added to, it has no name and no place. It is the destruction of all that once apparently had certainty and direction. In this sense it is a paradox. Aliveness being expressed as separation and then as non separation. All the one appearing as two and then as nothing and everything.

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