Nothing Here.

There really is nothing here. Only that which is apparently happening and there is nothing to say about it, nothing to get about that. There is nowhere to go with it or to debate about it. All attempts are utterly futile as attempts never get anywhere because nothing is happening.

It is ironic and paradoxical all at once. It is mind blowing and amazing, but not for anyone because there isn't anything. There is no thing. And yet... it is.

It doesn't matter what the apparent person thinks it's doing or not doing, believes it knows or doesn't know, it makes no difference, nothing is moving, nothing is happening. There is nothing here that can be set in stone, held onto. This, whatever it is, is just too free.

The person tries to find 'nothing', as if it is a thing that can be glimpsed or known. It has a subtle belief it can be somehow got, that I will know 'nothing'. No, it's the end of all that, the absolute end.

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