Nothing Going On

Whatever is said about freedom, whatever is pointed to, it will never lead anywhere. There is no 'this', there is no 'here', there is no 'there'. All references are nothing more than that, references.

Freedom is ungraspable as there is nothing, nothing here that is something for the mind or the imagination. There is nothing here... as something. How sweet is that. Pure sweetness.

All ideas about what is apparently happening are redundant, what a wonderful dance. A dance which goes on for no one. What ever goes on in the human is irrelevant and wonderfully free of anyone or anything. There is no no one and no someone. There is nothing here that is something, what a wonder.

Any ideas about liberation or freedom are nothing. Nothing at all. Just free for no one. Such beauty that has no reason or understanding.

There is nothing saying these words, there is nothing. Just words, going nowhere without any outcome or purpose. It breaks my human heart...for no reason.

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