A Sharing

I want to share something that is hard to talk about. You see there is no ultimate anything. This idea of non duality seems is if for the character there is an ultimate end which becomes something. No it doesn’t. It is a constant loss. This loss is not for anyone, it is not personnel and is not a state.

It seems to happen in waves. The loss is endless but sometimes it happens like something more drops out which seems impossible. It is impossible to describe but I want to have a go at it. For this I have to go into memory. A few days ago something more dropped out. It was such a total loss that it seemed that nothing more could be lost, seems crazy right. But what we speaking of here is crazy for the mind. There is nothing here for the mind. This is because there is no end. There is no beginning. Yet a deepening appears to happen. It is also clear that this deepening is without reason or sense. As there is no sense to anything really. You can’t say these things to most people. One would get locked up or at minimum avoided.

Anyway this deeper loss made the heart of the character Lisa crack. There have been tears shed. That can’t be described as sadness or joy. It’s neither.

I feel the share this to try and get across that there is no ultimate. No end. The end the seeker looks for is imaginary. In the end nothing is left, nothing at all. Just utter loss for no one.

I made a video yesterday. It had nothing in it. Hardly anyone responded to it. This is actually a good thing. You see the seeker always wants something how ever illusive and tangibly frail. It doesn’t want nothing. It doesn’t actually want freedom. My video in that way is considered a success.

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