Anarchy (but not in the UK)

What is, is anarchy in the purest sense. It gives no shits about form, borders, authority, rock'n'roll lifestyle, political protests, opinions, beliefs. It is without morality or ethics. It doesn't require a human to understand it or get to it or have it. It is not an it, it is not a nothing, it is neither empty or full as an experience.

There is no way to deliver this message, no one can say what it is or isn't. There is nothing here as something. Nothing is born or dies. Just the dance of freedom whatever that is.

The radical and anarchistic nature of this message is not in the delivery, its not about the human who's mouth the words come out of, it's not their character or appearance as there is no one here, any where. The human is totally insignificant to the vastness and mystery of this. There is no significance!

Lisa was once an anarchist in the story. She thought she knew what anarchy was. The characters nature is still rather anarchistic but no longer lies in roads and breaks into vivisection buildings. All that is great and I love that side of life. Yeh fuck the system! Anarchy is the obliteration of all those ideals, all concepts are blown out of the water and nothing is left. Borderless, boundless and free.

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