Non duality can become nihilistic in nature, it can become a turgid and pointless stream of non-dual platitudes and meaningless verbosity. It's easy to say these types of so called "non dual" words, but when they disappear up the proverbial intellectual back passage and just become a stream of empty nonsense.

The words are empty and meaningless but paradoxically at the same time....not. They are also full, full of freedom for the human, freedom from the me.

They point to the obvious nature of reality, that all there is, is what is apparently here. A non static and ever creative explosion of aliveness.

We are talking about freedom here. Freedom from the illusion that there is person who is real, in a real life, in time, that has a real set of rules that applies to its imaginary story it believes it lives in. There is an aliveness in this message that is incomprehensible by the brain and indeed by the imaginary person. That aliveness and freedom is not in the words themselves. That is a mystery that can't be worked out.

It is no surprise that the human brain looks to understand what freedom is. The human brain tries to desperately form patterns to take account of its environment so it can feel rooted in something that makes sense. The human has the cognizance to see that all it is, is a set of patterns appearing here and has no reality in its rather clever hoodwink. In that way, there is the amazing potential for that pretence to simply drop away. The brain patterns that ensure the survival of the organism will remain but any identification with it, is gone. What is left? Just life happening, simply what is.

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