Me and Time

Time doesn't exist it is a formless concept, we can't know it, touch it or see it as it just isn't there. The human brain cannot make sense of the formless so it compensates for it by packaging it up into a knowable form. In terms of time the brain constructs a linear space where all appearances occur in a timeline, a story.

The human brain tries to make sense of its environment and it has done this by inventing time and a self who perceives this time . It then puts its invented self into that timeline and to the self it becomes a reality. They are synonymous with each other.

All that is, is energy appearing, even the illusion of time. Nothing ever moves. The energy which is formless is all forms also. It moves and changes into whatever is apparently happening. It never goes towards, the brain does this in order to make sense of it, and the self makes it a reality.

Think of it as a VR headset. The set is on and you walk from one room into another in VR. It seems like the body has really moved in time and space. But it hasn't, the pixels have rearranged themselves in order to create the illusion of time and space. Energy which appears as form seems to work in the same way. The formless as energy appearing as form reforms itself to give this appearance of moving in time and space.

This all seems a bit heady I know and whats the point of it. There isn't any point for the me, this message just points out the misconception that this world is not what we think it is. And in the same way points out that this self appearing is not what it appears to be. That is a wonder. When that construct collapses this wonder is revealed, but not to anyone.

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