The Story

A memory popped up yesterday of something that happening when I was 18 years old. I had totally forgotten about it.

I was on a beach with my then boyfriend Dougie. We were off our heads on magic mushrooms. There, standing on that beach looking out to sea, it suddenly became clear that all was a story. I turned to him and said something like; "Dougie everything is a story, none of it is real. I am going to tell you this every few years. All I am going to say is, 'The Story' and you will know that nothing has moved. It is still the same. The story is this, it is eternal."

Of course I didn't remind, as I also had forgotten.

So here it is Dougie (not that he will read this), 'The Story'.

That memory is the story, The Story happening here. It never moved, it never happened in time, it is still the same eternal love and aliveness.

I swoon with love and wonder!

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