There Is No It

There is this magical 'it' that the seeker runs after. The sacred carrot called freedom or no me. The seeker thinks 'no me' is a thing and puts it up there (in it's story) and runs after it like it is something that can be found. Where the hell is it? It's not there, only as a concept, a story, a belief.

Looking for the end of the mythical me is really no different from looking for a mythical religious messiah. The search can provide comfort and hope and a sense of getting somewhere, but it is not going anywhere. It really is a non existent road to a non existent no where.

Was is, is already total, absolute and provides no hope nor comfort. Yet is it complete and is the case. The case that is too immediate to be comprehended in a story or a theory.

What is being said can be thought out as a theory but is only rendered as a collection of ideas. These ideas are what is already. An utter fail every time for an imaginary me in its imaginary search.

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