Never the Twain Shall Meet

I was speaking with someone last night who was confused about a speaker of non duality.

On one hand, the speaker was saying ( and I paraphrase) that all there is this, this is complete and perfect. In the same talk advising the person, for example, to relax into this and change conditioning etc. How can the two be in the same talk? They cannot meet in this energetically. To say one can find completeness in improving the self is fuel for the seeking energy. It can actually create more contraction as it actually implies that you are not good enough and if you move towards this thing I am telling about, you will be more there. The whole play of this only exists in the me story making the me story more desperate and contracted.

Never trust the speaker! A speaker saying these kind of words means absolutely nothing. Yes we can get all bloody non dualist about it all, but you see we are talking about a misconception here, not a bunch of ideas. If you listening to a speaker and there is not that fragrance of freedom and especially if they are saying you can get closer to! Pointing to what is, obviously, is not about pointing to what isn't. There is no perfection in a future time that doesn't even exist. All there is, is what is. No amount of removal of conditioning etc is not going to make any difference to what is or will transport an apparent person closer to it. It is wild and free and everything. It is utter perfection, how can it be otherwise.

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