I Used to Think I Knew

I used to think that I knew what freedom would be like. That Lisa would be a certain way. Lisa would be this peaceful person, that she just wander around in nature or sit staring into space all day. That she wouldn't work anymore or get irritated with people. That the essential character would be affected by the identification dropping.

I thought the identification was linked to the character traits, the unique qualities that makes this human what she is.

The identification is only that, an identification. A condition that seemed to happen to this human, that judged everything as its own. It was not a person, or even a persona. It was merely a condition, a contracted sense of being a separate person. When it is gone, what is left is what was already here. This life.

Words and descriptions really do confuse the seeker. Even the word non-duality is confusing as it can become a something which thoughts and concepts are attached to. Another set of conditions and stories that I can live by. I who identifies with it.

The me identification looks for the no me identification. Yet another set of conditions. It's like trying to grasp at space and thinking it will become solid.

So what is the end of identification as a me. It is the end of searching for a better me, a freer me, an enlightened me or indeed that anything that is to do with 'my' life. The responses and actions of the human are then free to happen without any interference from a suffering judging story, no matter what those actions are.

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