A Splendid Conundrum

Getting non duality is not a thing. I see it so often, people trying to get the words right, the concept right. But it’s not a thing! There is no thing that is freedom from self. Freedom is not a thing, it's another concept appearing.

This... a word I use a lot...'this'...is not a thing, not a concept that can be understood. No magical this, no person free this. No hidden 'this' that is being pointed to. There is no secret that is being pointed to, no hidden agenda, no 'this' that is free of me.

There is no illusion of me, there is no illusion. It's what is, neither illusory or real. No words can say what this life is...as the words are life.

There is no self, only the appearance of self and that’s not separate. There is no separation, there is nothing separate that can make it not separate. Ahhh, so lush.

These words are not telling anyone anything, no thing, no one. It is what is happening. It can’t be got. What would be got, who would get it?

It’s always what is and there is nothing separate to say what that is.

A splendid conundrum going no where.

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