Pie in the Sky

What is being looked for is simply not there. If it was it would have some substance to it. Nobody even can say what freedom looks like. It's a pie in the sky idea that has been bought into.

It is also the the case that this life appears as a human looking for a pie in the sky idea. The appearance that I am separate feels so real, that is its base ingredient, feeling real. That is life as it is, appearing as self, body, house and also pie in the sky ideas like freedom.

Everything is just what it is, that is the song that is sung, there is nothing else, nothing that can be given or remedied.

Often the question is how can I etc. You can't, you aren't. This you appearance is life, not a you, it is not a separate person.

When I am asked, 'well why do you say that? Is seems like you say it for a reason, for someone'. No one is saying it, this is life in free fall, just happening, all at once.

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