T: "I was thinking about how there is some kind of understanding here, everything being one thing including what I think I am. That kinda doesn't make sense because it would be kind of separating out, so me thinking that I am something arising like a flower unfolding in the sun is not something that I'm doing, it's just something happening on it's own".

Lisa: "Ye, and so is the sense that I am not doing it. The sense that I am not doing it is also this being that. The whole thing is just happening. Can you see that it's just happening?"

T: "It's a little bit scary but it's like watching a horror movie that's not really scary but it's exiting because it feels like your kind of dying or realising that it's already dead".

Lisa: "Yes, it's already alive and dead and neither, you can't really say what this is, no one can say what this is, because anyone saying it, is this".

T: " Strange position to be because it feels somehow that I'm not here but at the same time, it feels like that me kind of understands that ,as if there is some kind of implosion happening. It's a lot clearer in my mind".

Lisa: " I can sense what you are saying yes. It's a kind of messed up feeling yes. It is absolutely what is happening".

T: "Yes and it's a lot better than when i used to feel like I was completely solid".

Lisa: "It feels like it is happening to someone but the somebody is not happening to somebody. The whole thing is totally unknowable and free to be what it is".

T: "But what I feel like asking is, are you sure it's just happening?"

Lisa: "I am sure it's just happening?"

T: " You know it's just such a revolutionary idea that it's just happening on it's own".

Lisa: " What else is it?"

T: "I am kind of asking but I'm saying that's a sort of the realisation, wow, it's ridiculous".

Lisa: "Yes because you don't need to ask me that, because it's clear that all there is, is just what's happening and the question, is it happening? Well, is it not happening? Or is the room happening. The room is clearly happening, I don't know what that means or what it is but it is clearly here".

T: "It's nice to say it loud, it's kind of reassuring".

Lisa: "It's great isn't it. It's funny because it feels revolutionary but actually it's just the case. It's curious how that is revolutionary but you are right and at the same time it is absolutely the case, just this. It's interesting that people think it's more sensible to find something that's not here than to see that what is, is all there is, as if that looking for what is not here, is more reasonable".

T: "I am really enjoying what I call your new message, it's become even clearer, which is funny because it's like, it's sort of by you not saying things....".

Lisa: " Yeh it's funny that isn't it".

(laughter) :D

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