What I am about to say may sound offensive but it is a genuine interest and amazement in how something so simple and obvious as this life, just as it is, is dismissed and rejected in place of some fantasy world described and prescribed by others. I have been in this place of seeking, I know what it's like to believe there is something other than ‘what is’.

In seeking for what is not, one can become beguiled and taken in by a message that is clearly about what is not here. For example, “this is unreal and that is only be seen when the me drops away”. A weird blindfold to the obvious is donned and we become unwittingly hood winked by teachings and teachers speaking in all confidence (and even with great integrity) about something which is simply not here. We can actually ignore all reason and natural intelligence and become bewitched, enchanted, entranced, and lead down a garden path that leads absolutely no where. We can feel like we are missing something fundamental that is only seen by the blessed few who are lucky enough to have seen the light.

By holding people in such high esteem, believing they know some magical truth or reality that we don’t, we strangely ignore what is right under our noses. The only thing there is, which is here, what is happening. What is happening is not hidden by some veil called a self.

I would love someone to show me and prove there is something else besides what is just here.

How can we be certain that another knows the truth about life, the universe and everything? Is that assigned to the author of this essay too? Well don’t! I know nothing. I don’t know if this life has a god, has no god, is empty, alive, dead, real, unreal, absolute or any other poetic analogy. Life, to me, is utterly fascinating in its mystery and perplexing appearance but is not anywhere else. Is that true for you?

Yet this is exactly what happens, a position of an all knowing lucky so and so is assigned and it is done so with blind faith, so much so, an unwavering certainty and allegiance is formed without ever actually questioning the obvious.

Is it true?

How do they know?

Can they prove it?

Do I believe what is being said just because I don’t actually know myself?

This is such an uncertainty of ones own intelligence. There seems to be more trust in a complete stranger than in what is actually right here. Staring us right in the face!

Isn’t it odd to be offered a way out of what is essentially the only place where there is no way out. Has there ever been a door out of here found that isn’t some mind game or seeming temporary experience? It sounds super shiny being a ‘no me’ doesn’t it. The final arrival. The arrival to where, to where you already are? Can you see the absurdity of that?

With Love

Lisa x

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